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EcoCruiser is a new style of pontoon/catamaran trailerable cruiser. She sleeps 4 in two low profile cabins and can be towed by a mid-sized SUV, like a Ford Explorer. The main cabin has standing headroom, a private head w/ door, galley, and extra long full-sized island berth. Families can bring friends for the day or camp overnight with Mom & Dad in their own cabin and 2 kids or grandkids in their own cabin.  It has the combination of stability, roominess, fuel efficiency and low maintenance. WHY IS IT CALLED ECO? It is much lighter [1/3-1/2 less], therefore less fuel usage than other trailerable power cruisers* on water and land. Being Towable by a family car saves lots of $$ on fuel than that of an extra, large tow vehicle. It also makes a great day boat for a party of up to 12. The cabins are built by Devlin Boats. This design has been under development and testing for 12 years.


1.    Lightweight: Less than 5,000 lbs. total on the trailer so it can be towed by a mid-sized SUV which doubles as a family car rather than having the expense of an extra, large tow vehicle. Best fuel economy towing due to light weight. We have weighed boat hull #1 at 4900# on the trailer with motor and full fuel.

2.    Standing headroom head [bathroom] with walls and a door, but in a low profile cabin for easy trailering, and low windage [because the pontoons are cut out]  for fuel economy and easy docking. Main berth is an island berth, meaning it has access from both sides, not like a cramped V-berth where you have to turn 180 to get in.

3.    Great day boat for a party of up to 12. Most of those seats have an all-around view. Even cruising, we spend most of our time in the cockpit. The front deck has the four best seats. 96 sq.ft. cockpit space. Tows tubes, wakeboards, and kneeboards.

4.    Aluminum catamaran design for stability, and low weight and maintenance. 12 inch draft with motor up and only 24 inch with motor down is less than any monohull or catamaran. Easily beachable with easy on off bow leads to more fun for kids and families.

5.    Outboard powered for fuel economy, simplicity, and low maintenance. No through hulls. No bilge pumps [no bilge]. No Worries.

6.    Step from dock to boat deck at same level. Easy to roll on a wheel chair. Railing gates on all four sides. 

7.    Easy to launch alone without getting feet wet due to front deck and steps on trailer. Low maintenance cost in $$ and time. Porta Potti with pumpout means No longer will there be ugly repairs after a guest puts too much TP down the head.

8.    Cockpit can be fully enclosed for huge all-weather area. On deck shower/washdown can be used for a comfortable out-in-the-open dish washing station while sitting.

9.    Powered by 150 hp Outboard. Top speed 28, cruise at 4 mpg at 18 mph (better than most cruisers).

10. List price complete with motor and trailer to be in the 60's -- much less than any other trailerable cruisers that sleep 4.

Phase I is a soft top version, with a lowerable hardtop model [better for full enclosure canvas] in planning.

Future plans for hybrid electric solar version.

Debuted at several boat shows winter 2016.



Length 25 ft, 28ft with OB, 32ft overall on trailer.

Beam 8' 6"   Draft (drive down) 24” (shallowest cruiser)  Draft (drive up) 12”

Weight, dry 3600 lbs. WITH 150 hp OB -- 4800 lbs. with full fuel on the trailer.

Bridge clearance (Bimini down) 6’ 9” Height on trailer (Bimini down) 9’ 6”

Freeboard to self-bailing deck 18in.    Side railing can be covered for enclosure.

Fuel capacity 35 U.S. Gal. Range over 120 mi.   Water capacity 16 U.S. Gal.

Holding tank capacity porta potti 5.5-9.0 U.S. Gal (on deck pump out)


PRICE $69,500 with Mercury 150 hp 4sEFI and trailer!

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Boat Shows 2016

Jan 13-17 Portland Boat Show

Jan 29-Feb 1 Seattle Boat Show

Feb 26-28 Washington State Sportsmen Show - Wenatchee, WA

Mar 10-13 International Sportsmen Exposition - Scottsdale, AZ

March 17-20 Puget Sound Boat Show - Tacoma, WA

Apr 8-10 Lake Havasu Boat Show

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