Why an Outboard Motor since they cost a little more?

  1. 1,000+ lbs. lighter. Both in motor weight & boat support for that weight. Saves fuel on water and while trailering.
  2. No through hulls, or bellows to leak, saving repair $$ and saving worry, a mess, or boat sinking.
  3. Passenger space uses full boat length so no I/O motor box in cockpit. Hence more space.
  4. Can tilt all the way out of the water—therefore lower unit does not get gunky growths and it is easy to change props without getting wet.
  5. Fewer and simpler systems so less maintenance and repairs. Don't need cooling systems, through hulls, rubber bellows, steel manifolds, or power steering to cause you troubles and repair cost. So boat retains value longer and maintenance cost is lower.
  6. Change the oil or do minor adjustments on the trailer standing next to the motor instead of crawling down inside some tiny space inside the motor area.
  7. Less moving parts to repair [avoiding 2 sets of U-joints] and rob horsepower. 150hp OB performs like a 220 hp inboard/outboards [I/O].
  8. Not a steel auto motor conversion like I/Os. Built of aluminum and stainless designed to run flat out on water – so less repairs. 
  9. No need to winterize giving a practically longer season.
  10. I have bought and sold over 100 trailerable boats, teaching me to only own outboards.



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We build and sell boats for fun and we enable families to get out into natural waterways to see the marine aspects of our planet.


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